Endorsed by Babe Winkelman

Babe Winkelman
"I'm tellin' ya… in the shop and out in the boat, this is one product you always want to have on hand!" - Babe Winkelman
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Key Points

  • Eliminate Scent Transfer

    XSTINK'D will remove the toughest greases; grime and intense odors anglers, outdoorsmen (or anyone else) comes in contact with. By leaving these substances on your hands you are definitely sending a message that you don’t want to be sending. With the regular use of XSTINK'D -  it could mean the difference between success and failure!

  • Help The Environment

    XSTINK'D is all-natural and 100% organic! XSTINK'D is also completely and 100% safe for use in any context. We need to be more cautious as to what we are polluting our precious lakes, rivers and streams with!

  • Catch More Fish

    Getting hooked on XSTINK'D means hooking more fish! Just look at it this way, if it seems like the fish are just spitting your bait or your lure right back out, think long and hard about the scents and smells that you are transferring through the water. If you eliminate negative “scent transfer”, you eliminate the chance of getting out-smarted by the fish. By using XSTINK'D, you are taking back the fishing advantage!